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Current Students

ANAGARAN, Ma Carmela ThereseMS
BLY, NicolasMS
TRAN, ChristopherMS
HA, HerenaPhD
LEE, KatiePhD
CHEN, JasminePhD
HAUN, BrienPhD
LAWS, ElizabethPhD

Completed PhD Dissertations

NameGraduation DateDissertation Title
Lantz, Megan2021Investigation of the Protective Role of the N-Terminal Beta Amyloid Fragments Against Beta Amyloid-Induced Gliotoxicity in Neuroinflammation
Elston, Marlee2020In-vivo Non-viral Placental Gene Modulation
Xue, Jiaming2020Asbestos Induces Mesothelioma Cell Transformation via HMGB1-Driven Autophagy
Pang, Alina2020Investigation of Hyperglycemia's Impact on the Immune System in Type 2 Diabetes
Kuwabara, Jill2020Role of the Fibroblast in Structuring the Cardiac Microenvironment
Yap, Jonathan2019Overexpression of Chitotriosidase-1 Modulates Macrophage Function and Alters Plaque Morphology in Hyperlipidemic Mice
Marciel, Michael2019Selenoprotein K Deficiency Inhibits Melanoma Progressing by Reducing Calcium Flux Required for Tumor Growth
Ivey, Malina2019Differential Roles of PDGFRalpha in Maintenance and Activation of Cardiac Fibroblasts
Sanstrum, Bethany2018Delineating avenues for a novel disease modifying therapy for Parkinson's Disease Using Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques
Robles, Michael2018Regulation of Hippocampal NMDA Receptor Signaling, Memory and Synaptic Plasticity by the JIP1 Scaffold Protein
Forest, Kelly2018Characterizing the Protection of an N-Terminal Active Core Peptide Within β-Amyloid Against β-Amyloid Neurotoxicity
Alfulaij, Naghum2017Neuroprotective Potential of the N-terminal Beta Amyloid Peptide Fragment in the Neurodegeneration, Synaptic Dysfunction and Memory Deficits in the Models of Alzheimer’s Disease
Kremer, Penny2017Sex specific brain auditory and motor tract neurodegeneration and seizure development in mice with a deficiency in micro-nutrient selenium metabolism
Nguyen-Wu, Elizabeth2017Distinct Roles of Selenoproteins in Facilitating Synaptic Plasticity for Learning and Memory
Ogawa-Wong, Ashley2017The role of selenocysteine lyase in pancreatic islet physiology and it’s sex-specific regulation of energy metabolism
Shimada, Briana2017The role of mTOR in Cardiac Function
Torres, Daniel2017The Role of Selenium in Dopamine Transmission and Modulation by Methamphetamine
Fredericks, Gregory2016The Role of Selenoprotein K in DHHC6-Mediated Protein Palmitoylation and the Impact on Immune Cell Function
Lee, Amanda2016Exocyst dysfunction leads to defects in urothelial differentiation in a novel mouse model of congenital ureter obstructions
McDermott, Mindy2016HIV and its Treatment lead to Metabolic Disturbances as a Result of Disrupted Cellular Respiration and Lipotoxicity
Norton, Robert2016Selenoprotein K and Promotion of FC-GAMMA Receptor Mediated Phagocytosis
Pickering, Anna2016Mitochondrial Oxidative Damage, Base-Excision Repair, and Antiretroviral Therapy
Young-Robbins, Shirley2016The regulation of Integrin Activation and Recycling by RSK2 Promotes Cancer Migration and Invasion
Jansen, Chad2015Biophysical Characterization of Zebra Fish transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel, Subfamily M, Member 7
McCurdy, Sara2015Modulating Macrophage Inflammation to Reduce Atherosclerosis
Anderson, Cynthia2014Nonviral Vector Strategies for Ultrasound Targeted Microbubble Destruction-Mediated Hepatic Gene Therapy
Caliva, Maisel2014Regulation of Integrin Trafficking by PEA-15
Lawrence, James2014N-Terminal Beta Amyloid Fragments Regulate Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Owens, Jesse2014Novel Piggybac Transposase Vectors for Safer Gene Addition into Mammalian Genomes
Rose, Aaron2014Inflammation Associated Cancers and Potential Therapeutics
Seyedali, Ali2014Mechanistic Regulation of Selenoprotein mRNSs During Selenium Deficiency
Wilcox, Christie2014Molecular Investigators of the Pteroinae: Insights into the Invasive Lionfishes from the Native Range
Anderson, Lynn2013The Effects of Chemotherapeutic or Antiretroviral Drugs on Mitchodrial Function
Arora, Komal2013Impact Of Sustained Exposure To ?-Amyloid On The Regulation Of Synaptic Function And Cell Integrity In A Model Nerve Cell System Expressing ?4?2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Diller, Karl2013FOXP2 and the Evolutionary Genetics of Language
Dominguez, Kenneth2013Identification of DNase II in Mouse Spermatozoa and Luminal Fluid From the Epididymis and Vas Deferens
Higa, Jason2013Inflammation and Breast Cancer Prevention with Phyllostwachys Edulia Extract
Pang, Xiaosha2013HIV-Induced Redox Changes and Inflammation in the Central Nervous System and Modulatory Factors
Sato, Brittany2013Steroid Metabolism, Nitrosative Stress and Inflammation: Mechanisms for Placental Dysfunction in Assisted Reproduction
Cochrane, Kimberly2012The Role of Connexin43-Interating Protein, CIP85 in the Trafficking of Connexibn43
Darrow, April2012The Endothelial Response to Diabetes Reveals a Role for Galectin-3
Raman, Arjun2012Utilization of Selenium in the Mouse Brain: Implications for Neurological Disease
Seale, Lucia2012The Selenium Recycling Enzyme Selenocysteine Lyase: Regulation and Physiological Role in Glucose and Lipid Metabolism
Wong, Mayee2012Investigations of Leptospira in Small Mammalian Hosts Species in the Hawaiian Islands
Reeves, Mariclair2011Characterization of the Neuroprotective Mechanism of Selenoprotein M
Sharma, Amrish2011Novel Role of RASGPR1 in RAS Activation in Keratinocytes: Implications for Skin Carcinogenesis
Agsalda, Melissa2010Determining the Role of HIV-DNA in Relation to Activated Monocytes in the Development of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders
Barnhill, Jason2010A Protective Role of Transmembrane Channel Like Proteins in Human Papilloma Virus Infection
Gawecka, Joanna2010PEA-15 and RSK2 Signaling in Cancer Mortality Regulation
Haines, Bryan2010The Role of Uncoupling Protein 2 in Neuroprotection and Validation as a Drug Target
Hew, Brian2010Human C3/Cobre Venom Factor Hybrid Protiens: Tools for a Structure-Function Study of Complement Component C3
Horton, Jaime2010An Inflammatory Role of Relaxin at the Maternal-Fetal Interface
Kim, Courtney2010Human C3/Cobre Venom Factor Hybrid Protiens: Tools for a Structure-Function Study of Complement Component C3
Naeole, Chrystie2009DNA Arrays for Species Identification and Genotyping within Complexes of Closely Related Species
Pitts, Matthew2009The Central Amygdala, Corticotropin-Releasing Factor, and Contextual Fear Memory
Takeuchi, Ken2009Transcriptional Regulation of the MYCN Oncogene
Teeters, Kelsa2009The Role of Caveolin-1 in Inflammation and Airway Remodeling
Campora, Cara2008Evaluating the Risk of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning from Reef Fish in Hawaii: Development of ELISA
Cogbill, Jolene2008The Drosophila ATP-binding Cassette Transporter Gene dMRP is Related to the Human Multidrug Resistant-associate Protein(MRP) Family and functions as a Xenobiotic Transporter"
Coussens, Matthew2008Effects of SIRT1 and Telomerase on Stem Cells
Downs, Craig2008Mechanisms of Coral Bleaching in Response to Various Environmental Stressors
Linnolt, Michael2008A Novel and Flexible Methodology for Rapid Computational Ab-initio Protein Structure Prediction
Squires, Jeffrey2008SBP2 Binding Affinity is a major Determinant in Differential Selenoprotein MRNA Translation and Sensitivity in NMD
Hu, Qirui2006Fibulin-5 interaction with elastic fibers in Cutis Laxa.
Molnar, Janos2006Function and Role of Scavenger Receptor Cysteine - Rich Domain - Containing Lysyl Oxidases in Drosophila
Szauter, Kornelia2006Microfibril Associated Novel Fibrotic Disorder With Marfanoid Features: Involvement of Lox and LoxL
Umylny, Boris2006Analysis of Alu and B1 Sequences in Human and Mouse Genomes and Transcriptomes
Burgess, Sarah2005Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics
Ding, Chaonan2005Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Enhanced Neuronal Damage in Hyperglycemic Ischemia.
Fogelgren, Benjamin2005Discovery of Protein-Protein Interactions of the Lysyl Oxidase Enzyme: Implications for Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and Fibrosis.
Killebrew, Deirdre2005Activated Macrophanges: Implications in HIV-Associated Disease Pathogenesis

Completed MS Degrees

NameGraduation DateThesis Title
Sachs, Rachel2021 Intracellular Trafficking of APP by the Exocyst Complex: Mechanisms in Alzheimer’s Disease and Insulin Signaling
Riggsbee, Kara2020The Role of TCF21 in Fibroblasts During Cardiac Development
Corpuz, Austin2019
Taketa, Ruth2019
Lieu, Suzanna2019Sec10 Inactivation Results in Cell Death and Upregulation of Fn14 During Ureter Development
Oshiro, David2018
Goo, Brandee2017ARC in AMPA Receptor Endocytosis: Direct Evidence Indicating ARC as a Scaffolding Protein
Ogawa-Wong, Ashley2017
Reyes, Amanda2017
Swonger, Jessica 2017
Waddell, Donald2017
Zitello, Emory2017
Byrns, China2014
Chang, Carrow2013
Darrow, April2013
Bettis, Jaclyn2012
Fay, Jeffrey 2012Investigation of Selenoprotein K Function and Association proteins
Khemmani, Mark2012
Nguyen-Wu, Elizabeth2012Novel Insights on the Role of Selenoprotein P in Sperm Viability
Thakore, Manoj2012
Dee, James2011
Gilman, Christy2011
Young, Shirley2009Characterization of patA in Cell Differentiation
Archer, Crystal2008A Study of Syrbactins, A New Class of Proteasome Inhibitors with Anti-Cancer Activity
Dominguez, Ken2008Mouse Sperm EGTA Dependent Nuclease
Hara, Cynthia2008
Moikeha, Nickol2008
Zhou, Dan2008
Cochrane, Kimberly2007Interaction of Creatine Kinase with the TRPA1ion channel n
Eischen, Malia2007
Loeffler, Jorik2007Use of RNAi to investigate the function of flightless-I
Walls, Alison2006
Howard, James2005Cancer Vaccines
Kanemaru, Kelli2005


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