Courses from CMB

microscopic image of stained cells

CMB411 Human Genetics
CMB499 Genetical Problems
CMB500 Master’s Pan B studies
CMB515 Topics in Genetics
CMB599 Selected Research Topics

CMB604 Evolutionary Genetics
CMB606 Introduction to Neurosciences
CMB610 Public Health Biology
CMB611 Seminar in Biomedical Sciences
CMB621 Cell & Molecular Biology I
CMB622 Cell & Molecular Biology II
CMB625 Advanced Topics in Genetics
CMB626 Ethics in Biomedical Research
CMB640 Neuropharmacology
CMB654B Molecular Genetics
CMB654C Molecular Biology of Cancer
CMB654D Human Genetics
CMB654G Molecular Biology of the Cell
CMB669 Essentials in Grant Writing
CMB671 Techniques in Genetics (Bioinformatics and Statistics)

CMB700 Thesis Research
CMB705 Special Topics in Neuroscience
CMB800 Dissertation Research

CMB631 Research Rotations (Please consult Faculty Directory)

Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program
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